Do you know that what you do in your daily life affects your skin? Your lifestyle – not only does it have to do with your physical, mental and emotional well-being, it also has an impact on how your skin looks and feels. You should avoid these 5 bad habits if you don’t want your skin to look dull, tired, colourless, and aged –

  1. Smoking – As if there weren’t enough reasons already to quit smoking, here’s one more. The vascular constriction caused by smoking causes premature ageing of the skin. Smokers have the “smoker’s lines” and “crow’s feet” caused by smoking. Smoker’s lines are vertical wrinkles around the mouth that are caused by pursing the lips to draw on a cigarette repeatedly while crow’s feet are wrinkles that develop on the outer edges of the eyes. 
  2. Drinking too much – Having more than one drink in a day can have adverse effects on your skin. Alcohol dehydrates the body including the skin, and it can rob it of essential vitamins and nutrients. It also increases the level of inflammatory agents in the bloodstream which cause early ageing of the skin. Too much alcohol may even be the culprit behind Rosacea – a skin disorder which causes the skin to blush and flush easily and may eventually lead to facial disfigurement. 
  3. Spending too much time talking on the phone – Does this come as a surprise to you? Well, it is true and there is a rational explanation behind it. When your cheek or chin is in contact with the phone for too long, it can lead to breakouts as the contact causes friction, occlusion and heat. 
  4. Not sleeping enough – It’s called beauty sleep for a reason – you need it for the good health of your skin. When you stay up till late at night, it is not unusual to see swollen, sunken eyes, dark circles, and pale, dehydrated skin. In the long run, sleep deprivation slows down wound healing and collagen growth and affects skin hydration and skin texture. 
  5. Eating junk food – Pimples and acne refusing to leave your skin? Your diet might be obstructing your attempts at treatment. Foods with processed carbs are bad for health at so many levels, and they don’t spare the skin either! High-glycemic index foods lead the blood sugar to rise which in turn causes a surge of insulin. The insulin stimulates oil-producing hormones called androgens, which are a key factor in causing pimples.

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