The body undergoes several unanticipated changes when you hit the age of 30. It is certainly reckoned as the good time of your life as you’ve complete control of relationships, affluent work or settled profession, sizeable bank account, and are well-attuned to a joyful life. But, your body or skin starts to lose some important features if go ignored. Thus, it is quite crucial to pay due attention on your beauty routines as well to avoid issues, such as wrinkles, character lines, sunburns, dull and saggy skin, and much more.

In a view to helping you set your beauty schedule, here is the guide to follow.

  1. Cleanse & exfoliate:  Cleansing and exfoliation play a vital role in keeping skin hale and hearty. It is the most important regime to follow. Remove all makeup and cleanse your face before hitting the bed during nights. It helps your skin to perform essential protective and renewal functions. Exfoliate is also suggested to be done during nights as it removes the dead skin. Also, do it gently and softly!
  2. Sun Shield: Preventing skin from harsh UV sun rays becomes even more important when you’re in your 30s. Use sunscreen or sunblocks altogether with antioxidant serums rich in vitamin C. The combination supports better skin protection.
  3. Hydration: Always remember, dehydrated skin leads to dead or dull skin textures. Never spend more time in showers, and use lukewarm water. Apply moisturizing body wash that acts as a protective barrier for the skin. You can switch to easier and herbal ways to skin hydration. To cite an example, add few drops of essential oils in two mugs of water and splash it on the body to form a nourishing coat.
  4. Moisturizing: Use a good-quality moisturizing brand, such as Oceglow, one of the luxury beauty brands in India to add an extra layer of a healthy and soothing coat to your skin. Rub richly-intense moisturizing body lotion after a bath.
  5. Drink Water: To stay internally hydrated, you must drink plenty of water. And to add further boost, you can squeeze some lime juice or lemon. Also, eating a healthy and fiber-rich diet along with some slight workout daily can help you sustain your beauty regimen.  

Lastly, kick away the stress in your life, if you’re wishing to lead a happy, healthy, and glowing life.

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