What is healthy skin and what does it look like? The one thing that the health of the skin has nothing to do with is with the tone of the skin. Fair or dark, or any shade on the spectrum of skin tones can be healthy or unhealthy. Unfortunately, most of the skincare products in the Indian and Asian markets are focused on making the skin fairer instead of healthier. To choose the right products to improve the health of the skin, one first has to understand what it is to have healthy skin. Here are 4 signs of healthy skin –

  1. Consistent Colour – Ivory, or honey, or espresso, or any other skin tone that you may have, it is important that it should be consistent – your skin colour should look the same all over. Tan lines are acceptable, but if there is blotchiness or red or brown spots, then it is either a sign of severe sun damage or some other underlying problem such as eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea. 
  2. Proper Hydration – Hydration is an essential key to healthy skin. You know that your skin has a sound level of moisture content when your skin feels supple to touch. Another way of finding out about hydration is by pressing the skin and releasing it. If your skin bounces back immediately, then your skin is healthy. If your skin is dehydrated, the skin looks dry and flaky. Consuming a lot of water every day will keep your skin hydrated and your overall body healthy. 
  3. Smooth Texture – The facial skin, when you look at it closely, is not a plain surface like glass per se. There are fine hair, peaks around the hair, and pores. This design is a characteristic feature of the skin, and give it a uniform look and feel. However, unhealthy skin has more than the hair, peaks and pores. It will have acne, bumps, warts, blackheads and whiteheads. 
  4. Normal Sensations – Have you ever used a face cream and felt that your skin became itchy after it? That’s a sensation you should not be feeling. If it is happening, then it means that the product has irritated your skin, and therefore, it is too harsh for your skin. Skin, at all times, should feel that it is not there. You should realise that it is there when you look at it in the mirror. To avoid unpleasant sensations like burning, itching, tightening, stinging or tingling, choose products that suit your skin. 

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